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Flatwork / finish concrete

We are a licensed Ductilcrete installer

     K & M Construction is your go-to partner for all your specialty flatwork or slab on grade needs. As a licensed GCP Ductilcrete Technologies installer, we deliver high performance slab on grade construction to our clients.

     From parking lot pavement to “high specification floors” of today’s super-size warehouses and distribution facilities, we offer the latest in slab on grade technology, providing consistently superior results in all your finish concrete work. Our skilled tradesmen are experts in subbase preparation, forming, reinforcement and imbed placements, placing, finishing and curing concrete to specification no matter how demanding the requirements.

Flatwork project by K & M Concrete

What is GCP Ductilcrete?

Ductilcrete is a proven proprietary concrete slab system used to create durable floors and pavements that remain flat, level and in contact with the subbase with virtually no curl. Our partnership with GCP Ductilcrete provides years of rigorous research, development and field testing to assure superior performance and provisions for an industry leading warranty.

Ductilcrete Slab Placement video

What are the benefits?

Stringent placement and finishing techniques yield floors and pavements that are thinner in cross section, increased density and demonstrate superior impact resistance qualities over conventional concrete. Approximately 75% of shrink control joints may be eliminated while maintaining increased subgrade to slab contact providing increased live load capacities and material handling speeds. Control joint reduction enhances operator safety while minimizing routine slab and equipment maintenance. 

Why Ductilcrete? video

How is a GCP Ductilcrete project designed and implemented?

The K & M team will work with you and your team as a design-build partner, optimizing project details to conform with the GCP Ductilcrete System requirements. GCP Ductilcrete will serve as the Engineer of Record and stamp the design for slab on grade construction and, together with K & M Concrete, take full responsibility for quality of the finished product. We work closely with the GCP Ductilcrete engineering and quality control team to assure that all aspects of design, placement and testing are executed in accordance with our stringent quality control standards.

What makes GCP Ductilcrete different from other systems?

Ductilcrete is developed from a platform that utilizes standard Portland cement, a blend of locally available materials and proprietary admixtures that are dosed onsite by K & M personnel. Each project is specifically engineered and designed to site-specific project attributes. 

Standing out from the crowd with Ductilcrete