K & M Concrete is owned by Greg Kooiker, Andy Kooiker and Melissa Kooiker.

Our Beginnings

“We started with hog barns and driveways. We came from really humble beginnings, but through hard work, dedication and the grace of God, K & M has grown to where we are now.” 

– Greg Kooiker 

K & M Concrete Construction company owner operates high tech screed equipment.

“Andy and Greg are really here for our customers and their satisfaction. We are also here for our employees. Our employees are like our family.” 

– Melissa Kooiker 


K & M Concrete Construction is grounded in Andy, Melissa and Greg Kooiker’s hard work and commitment to exceeding customer expectations. The Kooiker’s passion for concrete construction began in the fall of 1999 while they were still in high school. That first project was pouring a concrete storage structure for an uncle. Working after school and football practice with the help of friends from the team, they worked late into the night by the lights of a skid loader. 

      From their headquarters in Edgerton, Minnesota, K & M Concrete maintains many of their early relationships and has grown to become a preferred partner in the concrete construction industry, offering clients specialty and high specification slab-on-grade construction, structural concrete, parking lot paving and urban paving. Today they work in Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho ... and anywhere their clients need them.

We invest in the latest equipment to promote quality concrete finishing and safety for employees.

It's about teamwork

     K & M Concrete strives to hire the best, from general laborers to project managers. K & M superintendents are not only some of the most highly qualified superintendents in the industry, they share the values of the company founders. 

     K & M believes in giving their team members career opportunities to grow by investing in the ASCC award-winning safety program, technical training and the industry’s most advanced tools and equipment to unleash their potential. 

     Although Andy and Greg have a passion for being in the field, each team member’s dedication to the project is like having an owner on the site. If there is a flatwork project in progress, you’ll likely find Greg there – he takes it as a compliment if you can’t pick him out from the crew.

More about K & M 


 K & M still has strong ties with some of their first clients. They pride themselves on being easy to work with. K & M can mobilize rapidly, providing schedule flexibility on site.  

"Jobs other contractors turn down as too difficult or too complex, those are jobs we actually pursue.” 

– Andy Kooiker


Cutting-edge technology provides superior quality and competitive pricing. 

  Total Station robotic survey equipment

  3D laser-guided grading and concrete screeds 

  Late model ride-on concrete finishing equipment